2018 Is Here… Start The Year As You Mean To Go On

2018 is finally here and however you celebrated the door closing on 2017 and the new door opening to 2018, there is something quite exciting in the business world for 2018. Brexit will still be moving it’s way forward, big corporate businesses will still moan about how life is unfair for their business with cuts to their budget etc etc.

Meanwhile, small startup businesses will continue to explode onto the scene, mopping up the cash being left on the table by big businesses because they are too busy moaning how life use to be, whilst small businesses have reacted and continue to grow.

So as a small business whatever your plans for 2018, whether it is to increase your transactions or to increase your revenue per transaction, enter into new markets, expand into more bricks and mortar stores or to expand your online presence all can be achieved if you have the right mindset and attitude.

Make 2018, a no excuses year. Take ownership and accountability for every task you do and make sure if you are a business with employees, make sure each of your team members takes ownership and accountability for each of their tasks too. As the boss of the business, it is your responsibility to make sure every team member, no matter what their position in your organisation, is pulling in the same direction as you – If they’re not don’t be afraid to say something to change that.

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Image by Photo Mix from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/black-samsung-tablet-computer-106344/



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