Why Shorter Meetings Can be More Productive

How many times have you attended a meeting for an hour and thought, we could have discussed all that in 30 minutes? Quite a few right?

When you know you only have a short period of time to complete something, it is amazing how people become more aware of time and how they are using and spending every minute. Everyone involved in the meeting are more aware of how little time there is within the meeting, so become more mindful of what they say during in meetings.

Businesses hold many meetings that could actually be done in a shorter time period, but instead they drag them out for over an hour or more, stopping for breaks, stopping for lunch etc, etc. STOP! Try just holding a 30 minute meeting. During shorter meetings, staff listen more and are more alert to what is being discussed.

Try our 6 helpful steps and see how The 30 Minute Meeting can be more productive:

  1. When you send the invite to your next meeting, include all the handouts and ask the invitees to read through the handouts prior to the meetings.
  2. Start your meetings on time, even if you have people not arrived yet. After all, it is everyone’s responsibility to arrive prior to the start time.
  3. Keep the conversation on track and precise.
  4. Make decisions quickly – We have all been to meetings where nothing gets decided.
  5. Spend the last 5 minutes of the meeting summarising that way staff can ask questions.
  6. Only have meetings when you really need to.

Try our useful tip to make your meetings more effective and as always comment below we would love your feedback.

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