Start Blogging Today

In the digital age of today, there is no reason why you should not be blogging, maybe, you don’t feel you are good at writing, you don’t feel you have anything to say that is relevant. Whatever your excuse stop, and start blogging today!

According to WordPress, 409million people around the world view more than 21.4 billion blog pages each month! This is huge, so even if you are a small business there is a massive audience you can reach by posting blog content.

How to start a blog site.

There are so many free blog site platforms out there to choose from, WordPress, Blogger, Medium and Tumblr to name a few, so choose the site that is right for you. All are very easy to set up and get going.

The next thing is content, for this I always draft my blog content articles in Microsoft Word first, I will draft the article write and then when I am happy with the content I will copy and paste the article into a blog post on my WordPress site. You may prefer to draft your articles directly on your site, that is fine too – there are no wrong or writes on this just personal preference.

So, what to write about – If your business is a small fashion retailer, write about the current trends or maybe the upcoming fashion season. If your business is garden landscaping, write about a garden you have just finished giving other home owners inspiration for their own gardens. Whatever your business there is always something to write about.

When writing an article it is important to include keywords within your content that will allow more people to find your blog content. To find out key search words that your potential audience uses, use sites like WordStream and you can cross reference with Google Trends to see how popular the keyword is.

If you don’t feel you are a good writer, you can always use automated Grammar Checker software online.

Once you have written your article, it is always a good idea to include an eye-catching and relevant image. You can either buy images from places like Shutterstock or you can use images royalty-free via websites like Pixabay.

Now you have written your article and you have included images, you are now ready to go live and publish your article.

Whatever your business, start a blog today and reach a whole new audience.


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