Why Excuses Are Killing Your Business!

For some this may be a difficult subject to talk about, I have empathy for your situation if your business is in trouble, but lets change that by quitting with excuses.

I Have worked in many businesses across both the public and private sector, businesses that are national businesses to small family businesses, it amazes me the excuses that are used by the company’s senior management team – when the business is failing.

Senior manager’s initial reaction for their failure is to blame someone or something else. How many times have you heard an owner or director of a business say the following?

“My business is failing because of the competition” or maybe “My business is failing because of high business rates” “the pound has crashed, Brexit, the government, consumer confidence or we’re experiencing tough market conditions in the sector”

The above excuses are nothing new, apart from Brexit, all the above excuses have been used for years, but that is what they are, excuses! And I can tell you, all the above excuses are not killing your business. Let us look at one of the above closely.

I chose competition as this excuse is so commonly used. So let us say a couple of years ago, you opened a restaurant and you had a couple of competitors, but you offered the best burgers or steaks in town. Every night your restaurant was packed out, customers loved your steak, or your burgers, their feedback was amazing and you had great customer loyalty. But now lets fast forward two years and Joe’s steak house has opened up right across the street from you, now every night they’re packed out, customers really love Joe’s steaks and burgers, now he has the best steaks in town according to customers.

What you need to do, is understand why all your customers have left you and gone to Joe’s Steak House. Do they offer better steaks and burgers? Do they offer a better atmosphere? A better dining experience maybe?

Now you have two choices, do nothing and just blame Joe’s Steak House across the road or you do something about it, launch a new menu maybe, change your décor in your restaurant, improve your atmosphere and the dining experience.

It amazes me how many people will choose to do nothing and will just use an excuse, why? It’s because that’s the easiest thing to do.

If your business is failing, don’t have an excuse ready and blame someone or something else, blame yourself. Nobody likes to think of themselves as a failure, but if you blame yourself, you won’t like that and it will force you to do something about it!

So if your business is failing, say no to excuses, find a solution! Contact me for a free 1 hour consultation session

If you need help getting your business on track contact me today for a free 1 hour consultation session


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