Top 10 Blog Content Ideas For Plumbers

If you are looking to reach new customers for your plumbing business, writing a blog can help customers find you more online. It’s not always easy to come up with different blog content ideas each week, so I want to give you my top 10 blog post ideas to help you over the next 10 weeks.

  1.   FAQ

The largest majority of online searches are by people looking for solutions to their problem. For example ‘How To Solve A Leaky Tap?’ So write a post that will solve a common plumbing problem. 

2.   Emergency Plumbing Solutions

Write a blog post around solutions to the most common plumbing problems, blog content that provide real value to customers are always a winner.

 3.   Biggest Plumbing Myths

With plumbing there are so many myths around, so make your customer aware of the myths and the truths. 

       4.   How To…

With may DIYers around, write a blog post that helps people to learn about the basics of plumbing. What tools all homeowners should have in their toolbox for plumbing emergencies. 

       5.   Tips On Saving Money

All customers no matter what they are buying, like to save money and your customers are no different. So don’t be afraid to help your customers save money, this builds trust and builds your positive reputation. 

       6.   Buying A Bathroom

Buying a bathroom can be a big expense to some customers, write a post about buying a new bathroom suite, the do’s and don’ts, again any hints on saving money. 

       7.   What’s In Your Local News

Your local news can be a great source to inspire a blog post, you can write content about your thoughts and opinions on something you have read that is relevant to plumbing.

        8.   Personal Plumbing Stories

People buy from people, as the age old saying goes, so why not write about your personal plumbing stories, that you come across in your day to day work.

        9.   A Day In The Life Of A Plumber

Write a blog post about what your day consists of. 

        10.  What It Takes To Be A Plumber/ How To Become A Plumber

By developing other people, you’re showing a side that you are peoples person and like to help people. So write a blog post about how others can become a plumber and what courses they need to undertake.

If you have not started a blog site yet, be sure to read my previous article Start Blogging Today and use my top 10 article ideas above to get you going over the next ten weeks.

If you would like any help with blog writing please feel free to get in touch.


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