Top 3 Tips For Your Fashion Shop To Stand Out From Your Competitors

With so many fashion retailers on the high street and struggling, how can you stand out from them and be different!

Customer loyalty is key and this is where you can be different! So how do you drive more customers to your business? Whether you have just one shop or 100 shops the principles are still the same. Here are my top 3 tips to make your fashion business stand out.

  1. Personal Shopper

In fashion shops you often see customers walk in, have a look and walk out again and for every customer that does that, that is money walking out of the door. Spend time talking with your customers and really find out what they are looking for, is it something for a nice night out with friends, something for a wedding, or something more casual, whatever it is, be sure you are there to help them. If a lady likes a particular dress in your shop, show her shoes that would go well with the dress, a nice bag and jewellery. If a man really like a suit that you’re selling, again show him a pair of nice shoes that go well also show him a nice watch that completes a look that their customers are looking for. 

2. Events

In the fashion industry there are only ever two seasons, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, before the season changes, host an event exclusively for your loyal customers to showcase the next season collection before it goes on general sale to everyone. By holding an exclusive event your loyal customers we keep feeling valued and love the exclusivity they are getting. 

3.  Online Presence

Don’t be like every other fashion retailer and just have a website. Be bold, be different! Create a YouTube Channel and host your own mini fashion programme online. 

Try these 3 tips to make your fashion business stand out from your competitors. Subscribe to our blogs for good vibes and get our hints and tips to help your business direct to your inbox.


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